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November 15, 2010

Wonderful one-liner: China, Tibet and Jammu in one line… equals trouble…

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Apparently, on Nov 15th 2010 [1, 2]:

“Our minister (Krishna) referred to the need to show mutual sensitivity and that the Chinese side needs to be sensitive to our concerns in J&K like India has been sensitive to Chinese concerns on Taiwan and Tibet.”

There are other news reports that do not mention this statement at all [1], and it was only Nirupama Rao’s words. But even then, it is a patently stupid thing to say. I so much wish no one from our diplomatic setup had said this. Give the Chinese a foot, and they will encroach no less than a mile. I am reminded of another Krishna who made much worse mistakes in the 1960s – Krishna Menon, one of the many reasons responsible for our military and diplomatic debacle against the Chinese.


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