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August 9, 2016


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We pushed a bar through her stomach,
And rejoiced as we broke her outer skin.
We continued till she profusely bled,
And were swept away by a mad glee.
A hole we had already pierced in her.
Many holes we were planning to make.

To survive we dug into her.
To live, we are digging into her.
To enjoy, we are digging into her.
Mother earth, how long will you bear?
This weight of our joy, pleasure and sorrow.
Mother earth, the life-giver who continues to care.
For a children who take the precious from you,
And spit at you their unwanted share.

This is the third instance in this year that I have
directly or indirectly been responsible for a borewell.

A mother feeds a baby willingly, but what if the child asked for more? Much more than what she could give of her own accord. Would the mother still give? My guess is that we are asking for too much.

In any case, this is an academic exercise. I will not stop the construction. But I can say a few words that look nice on facebook.


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