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June 2, 2014

A sad experience.

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My mother was refused a seat in the APSRTC city bus today for being from Andhra. She was traveling home from a local bus depot called Mehdipatnam. The driver said – you people from Andhra should not board buses in Telangana. Go back to your place. He made her stand 12 Kms all the way till the destination. She is 59, and while it was physically uncomfortable, it was mentally much more upsetting.

I guess this is how differences are sown. I feel sad, and a bit helpless. The shrill rhetoric of politicians is accompanied by boisterous and thankfully, scarce mobs on the ground. The former was asking Andhra people to vacate apparently “important positions” and return to their “native” after June 2nd. The latter were salivating at the prospect of grabbing easy resources, or maybe they were genuinely happy. One can never know for sure.

I honestly wish people of all regions the best. But I also have a bigger wish:

Can I dare to dream for a day when there will be no Telangana or Andhra?
A day when we forget who was Marathi or Bihari,
A day when there will be no Madrasi or Hindi.

A day when Buffalo ceases to fight with Bangalore,
For jobs, visas, permits, and corporate galore,
A day when borders vanish and differences cease.

A day when we meet eye to eye,
And see just humans,
Not yellow, black, brown or white.

A day when we find empathy,
Not just as man and woman,
But as co-habitors of a common domain.

A day when we think not as a species on a food chain,
But as part of common nature,
United, unbroken, and endless.

A day when we cherish our life,
Not for its own obscure survival,
But for the strength of co-existence.

Maybe this is easy for me to say while sitting in an air-conditioned office. Someday, I shall get out of this office permanently and try to find answers to this and other questions.



  1. How can a bus driver stop your Mom from getting seated? If it was conductor, i would have totally agreed. But how can a driver do it?

    Comment by ram — June 3, 2014 @ 04:04

    • Oh, I should have mentioned that the conductor was even more friendly. He refused to give a ticket to the stop requested and offered a ticket for the last stop. When she insisted that she knew where the stop was and even mentioned landmarks, he asked her to confirm with the driver as to where he would stop. And only if the driver would agree, he would give the ticket. The two dudes had some fun making her uncomfortable. Unfortunately she did not take down the bus number.

      Comment by neosurya — June 3, 2014 @ 10:37

  2. There is clearly a wrong sense going on. A day will come people will repent these actions, but that will be too late. I remember at one time Vanasthalipuram was talked as outskirts and a useless place (Avasthalapuram), all lower income people went there as no other place was available/affordable to them. And then they made it into a good place to live in, now it is a prime locality. I had to chose a small example as people may not like the text, “lot of middle class families working in govt offices, built the so called Hyderabad society as it is today”. Now it is under wrong management (going by their public statements and choices); a wrong management can only break a well developed system, it cannot build a new working system.

    In the end they will have to again start looking at neighbor’s plate for a well cooked food.

    Comment by rnvs — June 3, 2014 @ 16:18

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