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December 12, 2014

Govt takes pro-active measures against conversions: CEBI

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The Govt is planning to start a CEBI – Conversions and Exchanges Board of India. This board will be along the lines of the world famous SEBI and be responsible for catching all the Harshad Mehta’s of the conversion world. Given the potential growth of this market in recent years, several unscrupulous players have entered the market [1][2][3][4]. Regulation and control of this area has assumed significant importance.

The initial mandate of this board would be:

  1. Arrive at a comprehensive vocabulary: Terms like “conversion”, “religion”, “religiousness”, “coercion” are getting thrown about in this area without any recourse to exact definitions. For instance, If someone is converted for a few hours or a few days, does that count? What would happen if someone wants to pray in institutions belonging to two different divinities? Can religiousness be measured in decimal scale (Can someone be 0.25 Christian, 0.45 Hindu, and 0.3 Parsi for example)? Exact specifications for all these would be arrived at to allow for bureaucratic and legal uniformity.
  2. A religion-line: Just like poverty line, a religion line shall be defined. All households which are above this religion-line would be allowed to practice any religion they wish to practice. Ergo, They can change religions as many times as possible, or belong to many religions at any one point of time. Naturally, this will be based to a large extent on economic power. In any case, the poor do not have lives or decision making capacity of their own. They can be easy swayed like cattle, and hence have to be shepherded. They have to be organized, measured and guided. They also need to be controlled, for they may suddenly choose to exercise independent thought.
  3. Recommend Laws: Laws like the “Orissa Freedom of Religion Act” shall be strengthened. More of them shall be created to add teeth to the legal system. Fast track courts shall be established to expedite processing of these cases. Of course, these laws have to pass through the parliament. Each state may also choose to alter the law as it may suitably deem for its purposes.


The above is a hoax post, a joke, satire.




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