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January 23, 2018

Different title, same content

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The same news article with a different title can give readers very different impressions to readers.

For instance, take this article in the Indian Express of Jan 23 2018. The title is:

Original version used by IE (Version 1): SC panel chief Ram Shankar Katheria ‘threatens’ cop in audio clip gone viral: Are you challenging Yogi? [This is clearly against the minister and favors cops]

Instead of this, let us change the title to the following:

Version 2: SC panel chief takes exception to cops who clear local SC/ST bazaar – Says Minorities commission will take action against errant officer. [For the minister, but paints cops as anti-SC]

Version 3: SC panel chief vs cops enforcing anti-encroachment. Who is correct?  [Borderline neutral in comparison with V1 and V2, but favors cops]

Version 4: SC panel chief pulls up cops who cleared minorities from the local bazaar. [Borderline neutral as compared to V1 and V2, but against cops]

Let the content be exactly the same, the title will totally change the readers perspective. And in these days of 100 media channels, who reads the article? At least in case of this specific article, it is mentioned that the minister was chairperson of National Commission for Scheduled Caste. I have seen articles that much worse in taking journalistic liberties.

Disclaimer: I am not against or for any specific party, person. But I do feel media is wielding undue influence. The article is reproduced below for those who wish to read the whole thing:

In An audio clip that is being shared online, a voice, purportedly that of National Commission for Scheduled Caste chairperson and Agra MP from the BJP Ram Shankar Katheria, is heard threatening a policeman.

The clip begins with a man addressing Sub-Inspector Mahesh Pal Yadav, in-charge of Bodala outpost in Agra. He claimed he was calling from the “MP’s house”, and that several people had arrived there complaining that Yadav did not allow them to hold a bazaar in the area. He seemed to be referring to an anti-encroachment drive in the area earlier. The S-I is purportedly heard saying he was merely following instructions of the SSP.

The man then ostensibly hands over the phone to Katheria. “Mahesh Pal Yadav-ji, Yadav ho tou gunda to nahi na ho tum. Yogi ko challenge karte ho?… Naukri kha jaunga aur jail bhej doonga dubara bakwas ki to (You maybe a Yadav but you are no thug. You dare challenge Yogi?… You will be dismissed and sent to jail if you do any mischief again),” the voice is heard telling the S-I.

Jis SC ki tune pitai ki hai usse application likh kar commission se tere khilaf FIR karke jail bhej doonga aise gundai dubara ki toh. Woh ro raha hai jisko danda mara hai. Commission me likh kar usse application likha le to zamanat nahi hogi aur naukri mein kabhi promotion nahi hoga. (Will get an application from the SC person you assaulted and send it to SC Commission to register an FIR against you and send you to jail, if you try that again. The victim is crying… You will not get bail if he sends an application and you will never get a promotion.)”

A voice — purportedly S-I Yadav’s — is then heard saying that he had not assaulted anyone and neither did he have anything against Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. SSP Agra Amit Pathak said an inquiry will be conducted into the audio.

Despite several attempts, The Indian Express could not reach S-I Yadav or Katheria for a comment.






November 17, 2017

Fast trade. Slow life.

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Back in the days when I was in grad school, I had heard of quant analysis. Thousands of stock trades are done in milliseconds. Recently, a scam surfaced, where NSE folks were accused of providing slightly faster access to some stock brokers. Original article is here, here (Indian Express 17 Nov 2017, Business Times, July 16 2017), excerpt is below:

It is alleged that some brokers got preferential access through co-location facility at the NSE, early login and ‘dark fiber’ — which can allow a trader split-second faster access to data feed of an exchange. Even a split-second faster access can result in huge gains for a trader.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is also investigating the NSE algo trading case to ascertain if brokers made unfair gains in connivance with exchange officials.

The allegations of unfair access pertain to a period when NSE used to disseminate price information through a unicast system. In such a system, information is disseminated to one member after another.


OPG Securities and a few others brokerages were given preferential treatment regarding IP allocations and early access to tick-by-tick data. As for the alleged involvement of some NSE employees, Deloitte said, “While there are indications of differential behaviour being shown towards few members by certain employees, we are not in a position to comment, on the basis of the review performed, on whether this would amount to collusion/connivance or just preferential behaviour.”

Another article on Forbes that I had read a few years back. Original article is here (Forbes magazine Sep 9 2010), excerpt is below:

At 825 miles and 13.3 milliseconds, Spread’s circuit shaves 100 miles and 3 milliseconds off of the previous route of lowest latency, engineer-talk for length of delay.

Three milliseconds is three one-thousandths of a second. Does that really matter? “That’s close to an eternity in automated trading,” says Ben Van Vliet, a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. “This is all about picking gold coins up off the floor–only the fastest person is going to get the coins.”

At those times, I had laughed to myself at the human ingenuity for gold-digging. I told myself that sooner or later, people will realize that this is a shitty way of doing trades. Someone will figure out a way of introducing delays in the market. A more recent article spoke about how NYSE was planning to device a new type of transaction that adds 350 micro seconds of delay to its trades (Original link here, Financial times, May 17 2017). I also found out that a new exchange called IEX had emerged, which by default added a delay to all trades.

November 15, 2017

Question on childrens day

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I spent time at my kids school during children’s day. My wife and I picked up my daughter and headed over to my younger ones school. There was community lunch at the younger ones school. All kids were supposed to get items from their homes and have a shared lunch with parents and kids in the class.

When we got to the school, we went over to the classroom and laid out the biriyani we had made. We started helping the teacher set-up the tables, arrange the items kids had brought. About 6-7 children sat together in groups. I took charge of one group, and started putting their items together.

After some fun time, a kid asked me – “You know, my father is a big man in a big office. He could not come here. Do you not have a job? Is that why you could come?” I smiled at the kid and walked to a different part of the room. The question jarred me. It was not like I did not have a job, or disliked what I did at work. I had the luxury, and the expertise of managing my work life balance very well. I can say that among wage earners, I am probably in the top 5-10 percentile in the country. I had tremendous job satisfaction, and great freedom at work. But this statement still rubbed me very wrongly. I wanted to leave, and even urged my wife that I wanted to sit in the car. It took at least a few minutes for me to control my ego.

There were about 40 kids, one teacher, and 6 other adults in the class. I and my wife were the only couple among those adults. The lack of participation by parents did not miss out on the children. Many students had accepted it to be natural. This child went ahead and became inquisitive. I wondered if I was giving my children wrong expectations about life.

I tend to look at life in a holistic manner. I do not compartmentalize life as a job, a car, a house, or a title.

When I was younger, I was taught:
Life is not just a bicycle.
Life is not just a TV serial.
Life is not just a restaurant outing.
Life is not just your anger.

This was done purportedly to make me focus on studies and ensure a better future. This teaching has helped me, and now I realize.

Life is not my ego.
Life is not my job.
Life is not my house.
Life is not my car.

Someday, I will internalize:
Life is not this body.

Life is a sequence of sunrises and sunsets, tied together with strings of beautiful and painful experiences.

November 10, 2017

My house will be done this month.

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I was in a bank to make the first withdrawal from a home loan. The manager knew my father and had heard that I was trying hard to keep the loan to about 10 lakhs. The manager was saying – sir, for your profile you would get a lot more. I said that it is not right for a Brahmin to take a loan. The elderly manager started lecturing me on responsibilities towards parents, wife, and children.
I lamented to him – my dharma was destroyed when I opened a fixed deposit. My dharma is to give whatever knowledge I have for free and expect alms in return. If family could be content with that, so be it. If my family is not satisfied by the alms, it means someone else is not doing their dharma. He was taken aback, and could not hide the mix of emotions on his face. He probably had a longer chat with other staff about my mental health.
Some feel that the house will be an asset for me. I am not sure. I feel that my incompetence has made me build a house in the city. For someone who tried very hard to not build inside the city, my behavior was quite odd. When I saw that the house was to be built despite my opposition, I participated enthusiastically in the planning. I am thankful that those who wanted the house have helped in keeping the costs down. I am writing my thoughts down. I do not want to backtrack later on.
Meanwhile, an older thought: Attack.

November 9, 2017

Science Exhibition

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I was invited to judge a science exhibition today. I never realized that this innocent participation on my behalf would be a Pretoria moment. Students had to prepare mock ups on one of the following topics: Software development life cycle, Innovation in computer science, Different types of software systems, eGovernance, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Real life uses of computers, Innovation using computers, evolution of operating systems. The students had to prepare posters describing the topic, speak about it, and then demonstrate any working prototype, if they had one. The posters were very colorful and meticulously prepared. Barring few, all the students had parroted a script and were repeating whatever was written on their respective posters. However, many students did not even know the meanings of the terms they had used.

The very first team I had spoken to was from Andhra Pradesh. There were two children manning the poster. I asked the name of one girl. “Sharada (name changed) sir, from ABC school.” I asked the other girl for her name. She showed a shy smile and took a step back. Sharada said: “Sir, she is just there to hold the poster”. I said: “It is OK, let her give the name”. Mahita, it was. Sharada started with her demonstration on the evolution of operating systems. She got stuck several times in between. For a student of class 8, it was a bit odd that she had not tried to learn the basics of what she was presenting. A lot of effort had gone into designing cardboard models of computers, paper mache models of an RTOS, several Android phones, and even the scale model of a city. But she clearly lacked knowledge of the topic. Unfortunately for her, the poster holder Mahita also ended up answering a question. Sharada was peeved, not at her own lack of depth but at the ignominy of a “helper” answering her question.

Raj, a student of class 9 was presenting on eGovernance. His presentation covered a slew of ideas: eBanking, eHospitals, eRegistration, eLearning, eEverything. I asked him: “Are there any disadvantages of eGovernance”. Raj: “People are losing jobs due to eGovernance and Govt has to provide replacement jobs. Govt cannot provide jobs anymore. Google is doing a project along with TCS to replace education systems. They will covert everything to a e-Sysytem, and provide jobs”. Clearly surprised, I asked: “Son, who gave you such information?”. Raj: “Sir, you may not know everything. My father is a professor in the computer science department at AU in Vizag. He told me all this”. I asked: “What is his name?”. “Sai Bhaskar” came the reply. I asked: “Dr Sai Bhaskar?”. Raj replied: “No sir, only Sai Bhaskar. He was a professor, now he is not a professor”. After we left his table, he came up walking towards us and said – “Sir, how do we prevent hacking? What can be done to prevent people from taking money from ATM machines after hacking them? I heard that hackers can use ultrasound to break into computers. Flipkart once crashed because of this.”

Sukesh from Bangalore, participating in the innovation section spoke about “LiFi”. In his demo, the audio out of an android phone and a 2.5v battery was connected to an LED. The LED was shining brightly, likely from the 2.5 v battery. The audio out was also connected to a small computer speaker. The speaker was getting power from the mains, and also had a solar panel taped to it. His claim was that when the LED was on, and placed close to the solar panel, the speakers were having more amplitude. I asked Sukesh: “How do you know this is due to LiFi.” Sukesh hold the speaker up, close to his ear and says: “Hear it sir, it is louder”. I did not have the heart to even correct him.

There were other bloopers in the science meet, but Sukesh was the most jarring. I could not comprehend how the school teachers could allow such shallow presentations to come to a regional competition. I dont know if it is a failure of the system, parents, or some strange phenomena within children. I am seriously terrified of the future prospects of my nation.

This is the first school exhibition I attended. Over the next few weeks, I will try to attend other science meets. I hope there will be some succour to be found.

PS: All names and location details have been changed.

November 8, 2017

What is boring?

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A decade ago, I had started the branch of an NGO in Buffalo, NY. I bought pizza for the group and displayed T shirts with the India flag. It was a beautiful summer day, with the meeting held in my friends dorm room. The meeting encouraged people to do their bit for their home country. It showed a video of kids playing in a Govt school, villagers lining up for medical treatment, and farmers holding up produce. Yes, the meeting was very productive. It laid the seeds for an organization that ended up generating a lot of goodwill and money for projects back home. And yes, the meeting was not boring. It had just enough content to make people open their purse, and stopped just at the time when they needed to get back to their lives. It was nice – life continued and everyone felt good.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that people were OK to open their purse strings as long as they “felt good” about it. If you made them too uncomfortable, or questioned their status quo, they will instantly grimace. You cannot tell them they were wrong. You cannot show them their own biases. They had worked hard to get where they were. I also realized that it is difficult to continue being in corporate world, raise questions, and be truthful at the same time. My own personal situation was at odds with my belief system. This, after ticking all the right boxes in the roles of engineer, son, husband, and father (pun intended). However, I could not tell anyone that these roles were incorrectly defined and must be changed. I realized these discussions were just intellectual games. No one really wanted (or had the capacity) to make a difference. They wanted to enjoy the perception of contributing. It is not wrong to enjoy. It is just that I do not prefer such enjoyment. Life as it is, is awesome. The sun rises with a brilliance each day, flowers blossom, butterflies kiss, leaves fall and new leaves grow without being asked. I have a great family, and mostly I do not have to lie or cheat for my living. I enjoy every moment of life as it is. I am not doing social service to enjoy :). I am only attempting to change my personal situation to bring it in line with my beliefs.

Cut to the present world. Someone very senior said that discussion about the needs of people and economy is boring. I baulked. I almost felt as though I was talking to a stone wall (or walls). It was not just 20-somethings which needed pizza to make them think about society. We have gotten to an unfortunate state where even individuals who have “made it” need to be entertained before they discuss anything of substance. They have to be entertained even more before they do something. Parents do not realize that their options about society do not just effect their children, it effects the surroundings in which every child will grow/live.

Since a few years ago, I had stopped talking in public about my plans in rural development, and my own transformation. I try to focus on doing the work instead of speaking about it. I consciously decided to speak only in 1-1. Even then, I avoided talking to adults until pushed, preferring to spend time with children. Of late, I let my guard down among some friends and “like-minded” people. I responded to someone wanting to discuss. I thought they were honest. I did not think they would be bored. My bad.


October 23, 2017

Freelance Cheating.

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I was exploring software freelancing and wanted to see what kind of jobs do people put there. I created a login on What I saw was disturbing to say the least.

Project number “15462213”:

It was someones homework on Decision trees. The description is here.

Project number “15399788” (There were 14 bids for this; the project was even awarded).

I’m looking for a Indian male expert in Data scientist related field with data science, statistical analysis, machine learning , Hive, PIG,SQL, Python or R. Need good communication skills and available to take proxy phone interview in US CST time zone during working hours. I will send the job description. There might be multiple phone interview rounds, and the funds will only be transferred only if the interview is success and the candidate is selected. No bidding more than $750.


Project “15435278“:

Write 2 pages PhD Proposal

Any topic related to any area from these, Visual and Data Analysis in Disease Diagnosis, Medical Image Analysis with Pattern Recognition, Drug Design by Visualization and Machine Learning Approach, Mining Protein and Genome Regulatory Networks using Graphic Models, Knowledge Discovery for RNA Structure and Function, Deep Learning Approach and its Applications, Speech Therapy and Data Mining.

October 19, 2017

Krishna leela and metoo…

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I saw a photo being circulated by a few friends about metoo. I did not like it. I thought the photo was unrelated to metoo, and it was in extremely poor taste. The photo completely mis represents Krishna leela. I tried arguing with a friend about it… I decided to document those ramblings here…


Like you say, one sees what one sees.

My points are:
1) Why bring religion into the context of #metoo? Does it help the matter at hand? If not, then why use the graphic?

2) Side effects of such memes. This image is deeply related to Hindu religion. Are all Hindus bigots? Are only Hindus bigots? Let us say you designed something similar in “religion X”, what image will it send of “religion X”? Is that the true image of all members of that religion?

When I was told this story, there were many versions: was that the Gopikas were sages who were taken by Rama’s good looks. The benevolent Rama takes Krishna avatara to abide by their wishes. In this particular leela, the gopikas complain that it is wrong of Krishna, who is a God, to behave immorally and steal their clothes. Krishna preaches that if I am indeed God, then why have shame. And if I am indeed God, you were sages in your previous birth. Was it not wrong of you to get taken by my good looks?

Oh and there are other versions – that the Gopikas were praying to Godess Parvati so they may get Krishna as their husband. Krishna does this act to ask them – how can all of you want to marry me? Apparently, Gopikas commit an error by getting fully unclothed. When one is conducting specific pujas, they cannot be completely naked in a river. He also reminds that they were not doing their Puja properly.

But yes… One can see what one wants to see.


Are all Hindus bigots? I don’t know, you tell me…

I haven’t seen marital and other major poojas performed by females yet. Till recently females weren’t even allowed in sanctum sanctorums of many temples. I don’t even want to get into the issue of non-Brahmin priests. I welcome you to notice similar facts in other religions.

For a lot of people the concept of good, bad and sin comes from religion. So from a cause and effect stance, maybe if religion didn’t have male bigotry, then we’d have seen lesser numbers of “me too” on our FB feeds.


You say that because pujas are done by men, means that they are somehow hand in glove for crimes against women. By extension, this must be true of Jews, Christians, Muslims… No organized religion has significant female priestly numbers. Many commercial organizations are also top-heavy with men.

Most drivers of public services (refer, buse drivers, train drivers, airplane pilots) all over the world are men. So, does it mean public transport utilities have an ulterior motive to keep women from travelling? After football matches in UK, people routinely get rowdy. Does it mean you ban all matches?

Most air hostesses, nurses, school teachers, home makers were women, what unique quality do they posses for that role? Was that done deliberately by women so that men may be forced to take on other dangerous jobs? Was that done so that they may dominate men by taking on such roles? The feminist will give you one answer, the MCP will give you an antipodal response.

Time wise, recorded history is a blip compared to the history of evolution. The female species in homo sapiens has taken on many convenient roles by staying at home (or cave). Men, on the other hand have been forced to hunt, gather and take on relatively strenuous tasks. It is in the last 10-20K years or so that things were worse off for women. That too, pure numbers wise, I am not so sure. One must check the sex ratio of casualties in famines, wars, and work related events. Being at home sure beats running off to a war or slogging out in a farm, or a construction site.

Contrast this with lions, where the males do time pass, and females do all the hard work. The bloddy males even kill cubs that the females reared with such care. Or with snakes and fishes, where some female species eat the male.

We can be pessimistic and say that such a social evolution in homo sapiens was deliberately malicious. We can be optimistic and say that OK, shit happened as an accident of history. Let us work together fix it. BTW, I am not trying to justify crimes against someone. Terrible wrongs were committed. Yes. But was everyone in that group malicious, I do not know?

And in using these classic men vs women arguments, does it mean that there is no sexual exploitation of men? Does it mean that female bosses do not discriminate against men? This is a human problem. Not a problem of one group vs the other. The shaming of one group en masse to favour another only leads to more divisions. This is more so when you twist the context of a belief completely and use that to make a point.

It is the same bloddy tu tu main mai everywhere. The religious will look at the rationalist with suspicion. And the rationalist will shoo away the religious. I guess… What do I know, I am just a figment of my imagination.

This is the photo in question; I think it does not represent Krishna Leela:


August 31, 2017

Morality vs Consciousness

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Modern authors often make the claim that India does not have a good sense of morality. They are true. But, they forget that India has something much more comprehensive: Dharma. Modernists selectively apply their vast troves of arguments to put down Indian philosophy and thought. Case in point is an article from the Indian Express, written by the VC of the Ashoka University.

The article first starts by saying that consciousness contains confusions and has distorted Indian life. It dwells into the ever-popular subject of Manu, as thought that was the only moral system in India. It further celebrates that there exists no concept equivalent to morality in Indian psyche. Unfortunately, they ignore other forms of morality preached in India – specifically in the form of dharma. The article asks:

“How does the discourse of evolved consciousness relate to the mutilating realities of social power, as embodied in institutions like caste? “

The article fails to elaborate that Indian psyche is also composed of many more nuanced expressions. Its borders are demarcated by neither Consciousness, nor by Manu.

August 29, 2017

Teenagers sell blood for food

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It will not be surprising to see the above headline after a few decades, or a few years. If we go by this article on BBC, a Stanford/Princeton grad started a company called Ambrosia that is experimenting on injecting the blood of young people into older individuals. The claims, as per the article:

“It could help improve things such as appearance or diabetes or heart function or memory. These are all the aspects of ageing that have a common cause.

Each procedure costs $8,000 (£6,200) and sees the patient injected with two and a half litres of plasma – the liquid element of blood that remains after other cells have been removed – taken from young people.

I am fantasizing here, and grossly exaggerating. But, it still rankles me to think that several people actually came forward to buy the plasma. I guess this is civilization.


Same day, another article about a teenager (18 year old) girl committed suicide in full view of the social media. Apparently, 10 minutes before her death:

She spoke unsentimentally of her 19th birthday, which was to arrive three days after her death: “I was supposed to do something this weekend for my birthday. But in the end it’s not happening, I mean I can’t go – because of this thing.”



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