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April 11, 2009

Mediocre behavior among Indians

Filed under: social change — neosurya @ 23:29

Noticed a post on Ashish Jauhari’s blog about how the Indian society has begun to accept mediocre behavior. I think the acceptance of mediocrity is particularly frustrating when seen among change agents, people like politicians, academicians, and even NGOs.

There is also a significant Lack of confidence vis-a-vis maintaining, or reaching usable standards of efficiency. Indians are very good when they are in a foreign country, but are shit-heads when they are back in India. While an objective proof of this behavior is not available, it is an observation that has been made by far too many people and cannot be ignored. I have a personal example that relates to academics; recently, while delivering a few guest lectures, I pointed out to the students there that they should seek to create not just technology, but world-best technology that makes a difference. They stared back at me with a blank look that said – you are expecting too much out of us; we are in India. I am very hopeful that they would change their minds; It is very nice to know ones limits and to say that we are not yet the best. What is troublesome is that our system is drilling into people that they cannot achieve anything remotely useful. Also, the establishment seems to encourage that a lesser standard is OK because we are Indians, and that we will always be subservient to some higher being.

There is also often a “This is India” statement thrown by individuals with smug confidence. Grow up dude!!! This is not India – it is a dead brain speaking. Things are bad in the country not because they are supposed to be bad, population is large etc etc., but because too many people are shutting off their brains, thinking short-term, and in general suffering from a total lack of critical thinking.

Read an interesting article on how a farmer refused money for carbon credits.



  1. You are right about the attitude people wear on and have “light theesuko” kind of expression on their countenance.

    What bothered me most is that the tutors themselves behave in this way in most educational institutions. So as the saying goes “Yatha Raja Thathaa Praja”..the coming generations also tend to behave in similar fashion.

    Comment by madhavi — April 25, 2009 @ 02:23

  2. […] hard work? Or maybe, mediocrity has come to be accepted in our society (My earlier blog post on this). GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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