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August 11, 2009

Maruti suzuki presents Independace day special.

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And the special is supposed to be sponsoring five movies on Star Movies. Nice… And I am pretty sure there are other Indian firms doing ditto. Problem with us is that the private industry needs to operate on a profit basis, and the Govt. will insist that profit is a bad thing. Hence private companies are always parasitic, and contribute little to nation/society building. This is very much unlike the GE, Siemens, Philips or other companies established elsewhere.

Profit can be good and it can be bad. But in our country, it necessarily has to be bad; the governing body is designed to penalize profit. Hence, profit turns into what it is in India; it makes everyone a market that is based only on goods that do not necessarily enhance society but parasite on it. I recently had a friend talk to me about the General Financial Rules, which indicate how the Indian Govt. must disburse monies. This was a good coffee chat, and a brief reading of the GFR confirmed what was told to me. The GFR is a complex set of rules designed to keep public money in public hands. I have a lot more to learn about grant fundings in India, but I am being told that it is extremely difficult to allow public money into private hands.


land laws – same in Japan?

A very interesting line in Fukuoka’s book, “The Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy“:

The problem boils down to this: only scoundrels, the clever, and those in power stand to gain from the issuance and abuse of a barrage of capricious laws. The net result is that the land is being taken out of the hands of farmers. The Agricultural Land Law, established to protect tenant farmers, today serves no other purpose than to thwart the hopes of those wishing to become farmers.

This guy had a high coolness factor. This is the exact same anguish that I share about land laws in India. It is too difficult to be a one acre farmer. BTW, the “Other India Bookstore” is an excellent place to buy difficult to find books such as the one straw revolution. I bought a couple of books from them and they were delivered in impeccable condition within four days. Excerpts of the book can be read on scribd.

August 8, 2009

A diary entry from May 2001.

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I was going through some of my old files and came upon this diary entry.

Life – and Quality

My exams were just over – Four years of hard work was finally going to make some sense – or maybe prove that it was a futile, but necessary effort in career building. A lot of my friends realized that there was something in life that had gone unnoticed in life all these years, though some never even knew what. Now was the time to rekindle that lost heat – felt many of my chums.

It was a day like any other – I had a normal, effortless work schedule, and nothing much to drive home happened during the day. Then there was a call from a friend – she was asking me for some help WRT some project work of some of our erstwhile classmates – who, sadly got left behind in this rat race. Well, in a very casual manner she told me of how her career veered off the normal course a person of our degree had to follow – She had started a Night School, was going to be a correspondent for a leading Mumbai daily. She was an engineer just like me – but had chosen a career that was something many would feel certainly not cut out for an engineer. Yes, It was very surprising – but considering her repute (no pun). The course she would plot for herself should have been more obvious. That was the first thing that prompted me to think over the kinds of careers/lives that were being opted for by the people of my generation. I am not saying that we should change our lines – It is not an easy task – and not everyone can do it. ANd many are very, very able at what they are doing right now and that is the best thing for them.

But, Looking around me I found a mad rush to do something that seemingly did something great with a capital G, and brought money with a capital?? $$?? Many were going thru a schedule that left little or no space for things that are more humane. Satisfaction no longer meant what we wanted to do. It was more like adjusting to Careers that paid bucks and believing that it was the thing we always needed. Yeah, there is nothing wrong with it – Except, if everyone has (wants) money, who is goanna be there to look up to him or her and laugh (or cry)?

Lots said – but then, I thought did I have any examples of people who did something different? Didn’t have to wait long for that one – A friend had just bought a guitar, which he strummed pretty well. I was encouraged to restart playing my violin for pleasure. I had developed a very good interest in the instrument during my 10th Std. I wanted to continue – but the race to have a career had me too busy and held up. Well, It was just that I had felt it not too important then. Even now, its’ just going to be a hobby – I am pretty confident of my incapacity to continue. I am too much unpredictable to do that – But on other counts one may never know.

Since I had restarted it, I was concerned with taking it with me to my stay at US for my study. I hoped that if I have time – I could practice. Wanting myself to be perfect – I had to take advice from someone who knew violins well about how to take good care of it. 6 years with my violin had taught me not much – well I wasn’t with it for too long anyway.

My friend and me went to one pehchaan of his. Uncle was not too well, was recovering from a hip fracture. After some initial sweet talk, we got down to the question – who plays the violin – he asked and then, as a passionate child who had been away from his toy for a few days – he touched the violin – Maybe practice makes a man more than perfect on his instrument – it makes him fall in love with it. The notes, which he played, were great. Simply overwhelming – That kind of stuff was sure to unwind anyone from the grimace of this tiring world. It was simply too good for someone who played with very little formal training.

Here was a man who was at the ripe time of his career – and he had a great life. The only thing he feels not present is the ability to share things with an audience – But that is human nature -you believe that life means more and more, whereas it just means something that is enough. He was not earning too much, but it was more than sufficient. His job was a very involved one – but certainly not over killing him. It left enough time for a few smiles and diversions. I then wondered – everyone, including me, who had to make careers out of ourselves – were embarking upon a journey that had work, work and more work. None of the youth were realizing quality in life as it stands now. Maybe, we have to reconsider what we were going to do. Don’t ever say you don’t like the way you are. Just say that there is something more required – but not money.

The night changed my outlook – Don’t know weather it will last too long. I have always been drawn very strongly to a few things only. But consistent performance was something else – I worked regularly in other departments, but I don’t know how music slowly went away. I guess I am like that only. Just like the youth of these days – I wasn’t able to take myself away from my career. It was not that I didn’t like music – Liked it a lot. Am just like the other guys – When I hear a beautiful guitar, violin or anything else -I feel very nice and compelled to learn it. But like the other youth, I always feel that it is something out of reach.

From now, I will at least remember that my effort can bear some fruit, and not end up as a dust covered violin case. There is life beyond work and career – In fact there is no career if you are just working. I know many people who slog it out in the boardrooms of firms that pay them well, but take the life out of them. They can only resort to passive entertainment and nothing else -wonder what will happen to their post-retirement. Such is the life these days – we have only so much time in our hands – feel people that they leave many things for a later time. Maybe they will try to do it after they are through with their life??

That is the dilemma we face these days. We know that there is something missing out in the scheme of things in our life – but where do we search for it? Do we even make a decent effort to do the search? Three youth – Me, and my 2 friends had decided now that our life and career will not be bound to a monotonous routine. Such a living is no life at all. After all, how many of our needs can we satisfy? There are bound to be some things left behind. And emotional satisfaction is not going to be one of them. Try not to ignore when something in you cries out in an impulse for something. Grab the time from somewhere and search – It may, if not change your life, considerably improve its’ quality.

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