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May 5, 2010

Travel by Air India and comparison with Lufthansa.

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We recently traveled by Air India flight from Delhi to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to LAX by Lufthansa. This was our first flight by Air India. So, how was it – Good interiors. Crowded staff. Good food.

Interiors: The flight interior was refreshingly different from any of the international flights that I have taken in recent days. It was definitely Maharaja interiors, with almost everyone having great legroom, and a personal entertainment system.

Staff: The ground staff were friendly, they were going out of their way to help people with children and elderly passengers. The staff in flight were weird – there were at least 2 flight attendants who were not doing anything except instruct other flight attendants what to do. I could be mistaken, but the body language and behavior of these folks was paternalistic even toward passengers.I even overheard one flight attendant lecturing a passenger: “You should not ring the bell too often, I know my duties and I will respond when possible.”

Food: Good, typical North Indian fare.

Our onward flight from Frankfurt to LAX was on Lufthansa. The experience on Lufthansa is usually very German – no-nonsense, no frills, just travel. It is like other things German, like their engineering – dull, but will get the job done. Interiors were composed of plain vanilla seats, no personal entertainment, legroom enough to survive the trip without complaints. Service was OK – one attendant was particularly rude, but you do end up finding a bad apple on most flights. Food – taste OK, quantity enough to make you survive, but you would search for a restaurant the moment you land.

So, the comparison:

Food: Both are on par.

Ground Staff: Air India is slightly better on this one.

Air crew: Air India is so bad that it would make passengers never take another Air India flight again. Lufthansa is also bad, but it is bearable.

Interiors: Air India better.


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