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March 30, 2010

All you can eat Buffet

Filed under: agriculture, social change — neosurya @ 19:40

Jyostna and I were watching the Discovery Travel channel last night. Why we are watching travel, you ask… We find most channels doling out rubbish; Even National Geographic has become voyeuristic at times, or a fear fantasy (assassination this [1], behind the bars that [1], hot rods, boys toys etc). Travel and cooking seem to be the only sane things on the TV. That will change soon, I guess.

Anyhow, we are watching Discovery Travel one Monday evening, and they had this special on “All you can eat buffets” [1]. Pretty harmless, one may think. Until my wife muttered – “What a country we left behind”. I realized that such buffets are possible only in USA. I have not traveled a whole lot, but within India at least I have rarely seen an all you can eat buffet except at weddings. And even then, the buffet is frowned upon in traditional South Indian weddings.

Then there were a few other things that I recalled about buffets: (1) Any food left at the end of business has to be thrown out. (2) There is immense wastage if the business makes an error in predicting their estimates. (3) Cooking different foods under one roof is a supply chain nightmare, and comes at a huge carbon footprint. I mean – think of crab legs for a few thousand people in Las Vegas. Nevada does not have such a large population of crabs, and they definitely cannot get them from the Grand Canyon.

Looks like there are other locations around the world where all-you-can-eat Buffets are available [URL here: 1]. These are, however mostly in the “developed” countries. I do not like such large-scale wastage. Not to say that I do not enjoy food; I do enjoy it… And I wonder what a food connoisseur ought to do in this case…


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