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August 11, 2009

Maruti suzuki presents Independace day special.

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And the special is supposed to be sponsoring five movies on Star Movies. Nice… And I am pretty sure there are other Indian firms doing ditto. Problem with us is that the private industry needs to operate on a profit basis, and the Govt. will insist that profit is a bad thing. Hence private companies are always parasitic, and contribute little to nation/society building. This is very much unlike the GE, Siemens, Philips or other companies established elsewhere.

Profit can be good and it can be bad. But in our country, it necessarily has to be bad; the governing body is designed to penalize profit. Hence, profit turns into what it is in India; it makes everyone a market that is based only on goods that do not necessarily enhance society but parasite on it. I recently had a friend talk to me about the General Financial Rules, which indicate how the Indian Govt. must disburse monies. This was a good coffee chat, and a brief reading of the GFR confirmed what was told to me. The GFR is a complex set of rules designed to keep public money in public hands. I have a lot more to learn about grant fundings in India, but I am being told that it is extremely difficult to allow public money into private hands.


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  1. thought Govt. sold its major stakes in Maruti Suzuki.. or is it the other way round..

    after all Govt also needs to make money.. like ONGC, Railways, BSNL, BHEL etc etc…

    Comment by Balu — September 7, 2009 @ 20:54

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