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July 14, 2009

Nameless villain of Ghajini

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In the train the female lead is trying to rescue a girl from a bunch of goons, and both of them hide in a toilet. There is an old guy sitting in a corner and the goon asks him where the girl is hiding. He says “Dus rupaiiye do toh bataaungaa” (Give me ten rupees and I will tell). The goon pays him ten rupees. The old man points towards the loo, the goon does his thing, the female lead does her thing, and the movie continues.

Every facet of Ghajani has been dissected, talked about, appreciated, and critiqued. The character of the protagonist was amazing. However, I found the above scene very interesting. The goon does not rough up the old guy; he actually pays him the money. Also, the old man could have just kept quite and said “Mujhe nahi pataa” (I do not know). In a way, the nameless old guy is a huge game-changer, maybe even a villian in one sense.

It is rather curious as to why someone would intentionally do a “bad thing” to gain temporary benifit. In this case, the bad thing was giving up the girls to the goons, and the temporary benefit is money.

I do not know if the director wanted the scene to be like this. But if I know enough about Amir Khan’s movies, it could be likely that he asked for this scene to be put in. Nevertheless, the director would have definitely not wanted the old guy to keep quite :). Sad incidents and sorrow sells.


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