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May 20, 2009

News summary May 19 2009

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PG-hopper busted for serial thefts
TOI Bangalore Edition, page 1

Ms Devi Mahalakshmi, apparently a “God-fearing girl” stole about half a KG of gold and other assorted stuff from her roomies. She is also a software engineer. “God fearing” and “software engineer”, and to top it all off, a “girl”. She sure has managed to break a lot of stereotypes. What I wonder is, how nicely these stereotypes are broken everywhere else.

Big loss of face for 353 candidates
TOI Bangalore Edition, page 4

The whole of page 4 is an analysis of the current elections. Apparently, some members from major parties also lost their deposits.
Of the 428 candidates who contested for the 28 Lok Sabha seats of Karnataka, 353 lost their deposits.

The BJP has done very well in the Karnataka area.

Money on English
TOI Bangalore Edition, editorial

It is all about English; it is related to the Mulayam Singh manifesto that was anti-English and anti-computers [1]. Apparently, the politician who claims that computers take away employment sends his kids to English schools. I am positive they also do computers and own a few playstations, nintendos and the like at their official residence. Mulayam also has an online profile on UP Govts website.

Sometime back, there was the story of Raj Thackeray going against English, Hindi, and basically everything and anything that they could lay their hands on. Incidentally, his people vandalized Bombay Scottish, for having Bombay instead of Mumbai in its’ name [1, 2]. Raj Thackeray sent his kids to, where else, Bombay Scottish.


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