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May 13, 2009

Zee TV Telugu little champs – goodness in children

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My better half makes me watch “Little Champs” on Zee Telugu TV every Wed and Thurs night. I had bought a TV tuner card in lieu of a tv believing that the absence of a TV would lead to more sensible evenings. If at all, the tuner would be used mostly to see news, or some rare tele-event. Turns out it was wishful thinking :) .

Anyhow, this post is about something very different, not the presence of a TV, or the lack of it. This Little Champs is a competition where children sing songs and are rated by a panel of judges/composers, and by viewer SMSes. From among 24 students, one is removed from the race each week, and as of today, there are four girls – Ramya, Sindhura, Meghana, Anjali Nikhila. The girls age from about 6 to 11 (Yes, SIX!!!). At the end of their song, the participants have to place a vote request , i.e. ask the viewers to vote for themselves. Today, as the first girl took the stage to sing her song, the anchor asked her if she had asked all of their friends to vote. She cheerfully and confidently said that all her friends would vote. And, she added that they would vote not just for her, but for all the four contestants. All the girls gave a similar reply. Now these girls have competed for about a year. After such a stiff competition, one would think that the instinct to compete would be paramount. It is bizzare to think that the girls would hope that all four of them should win. Either the participants have been trained to “stage” such comments, or they are truly very nicely brought up children. An optimist like me would prefer to believe the latter.

But this is kalyug. Bro killing bro, Nigga killing nigga, White killing white, White killing nigga (OMG), Nigga killing white (Happens, swalpa adjust madi), Office politics, Political politics, and ad infinitum. Hence life sucks. It must certainly be the former, the girls are saying such things to sound “nice”. Lofty, utopian ideals cannot surely exist here. Not everyone can win. Some must lose, life is such. Life sucks!!! Which makes me think, what does life suck??? If it does suck, there has to be something at the other end of the straw. I shud really be sleeping now.

BTW, my request that I be excused from watching this contest and that better half continue to watch it did not work. I <have to> enjoy the family time. :)

An interesting forward; original article here:

Customers who have booked flats in New Town Heights, the project being developed by the country’s largest real estate developer DLF Ltd, at Gurgaon, near Delhi, are planning to take the Gandhigiri route to show their “disappointment” with the execution of the project. Around 200-300 of them are planning to gather at DLF’s office to give out roses along with their exit letters to the company.



  1. The flavor of winning a competition is quite serious in such reality shows. The kids are trained or I should say pressured or more so conditioned to participate in a competition only to win. The “conditioning” is an important word here. It comes from the society and the parents or filial interest.
    My disappointment in such shows is the kids are trained in classical music only to sing ‘filmy’ music and not music for music’s sake. They sing the same songs over and over…some are really very good some are little disapproving where a six year old sings ..”aa ante amalapuram”. My whole point is the wealth of knowledge in classical music carried over by so many self realized souls like Saint Thyagaraja, or anyone in the trinity, Sangita Pitamaha … so many in the list … is finally used to make a career in film industry!! That is disheartening.

    There are some good shows in other channels like SVBC, Bhakthi TV etc where the bhakthi element is still intact. Sangeetha Jnanamu Bhakthi Vina Sanmargamu Kalade!!!

    Hail Lord Rama

    Comment by madhavi — May 14, 2009 @ 00:03

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I would still like to believe that the participants have a nice heart. Their smile, poise, interaction with judges, and on stage behavior seems extremely natural. If they have really been trained to speak sweetly in such a natural manner, our society is headed for a very serious debacle. These kids are likely to be used as examples by their peers.

      I am reminded of my school days; we had once lost a debate competition to an opposing team at the district level. We sat with them and trained them through all the remaining rounds. Ditto at another elocution competition; some of us dropped off at state level, but we continued to cheer for others.

      As for film industry and classical music, this is a much wider aspect. It is connected to several things: about how music evolves, the expression of a society’s interest, the definition of success in society, and the rat race to achieve said success. The definition of success covers both both moksha and materials. At one time, moksha could be achieved through material means. And at one time, materials could be achieved by going along the moksha path.

      Comment by neosurya — May 14, 2009 @ 08:02

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