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May 7, 2009

Really, who is broke, and who aint???

Filed under: social change — neosurya @ 22:03

I had this discussion with a friend who insisted that India is this shit-hole where people are short-sighted. We apparently have a huge population between the age of 22 and 33 who would grow up to compete for resources. I wonder – what resources would this be?

I mean – really, what do we want to compete for? I do not think his concern was at all about food, kapda or makaan. It was about a very different set of wants. A marketing lead friend was always high strung about increasing market share. I asked him “For a minute, just assume that 10% of the Indian population had all the money to buy an I-pod. Do you think Apple could scale itself to meet that demand. Forget meeting that demand instantly – I will give Apple as a corporate entity unlimited capital resources and time to meet the demand. Do you think this earth has the physical resources to generate enough number of ipods?”. Pat came the reply – “Under such a scenario, the company would undergo a role transformation. Once people get to such level of income, the demands would change and the value of things will not be as they are.”

It looks like it will be difficult for everyone in this world to have all the “good things”.


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