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April 14, 2009

Go slow, youngistan – Make sure you chew your cud.

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I have been watching some of the media messages coming out these days about “impatient youth”, youth on the run… and all that kind of racy stuff. The Airtel ad is a case in point.

Typically, they show juntaa in jeans, with multi-colored hair and the like. You get the picture. I do not have an issue with the hair, I myself wear jeans and stuff, and think it is absolutely cool to make a fashion statement. I have begun to prefer a lungi tho – it is much cooler, especially with the summer. What is scary is that we are being convinced that being fast and being impatient for results will bring about development. One ought to realize that this is life, a complex thing with several variables. You chew through it fast enough, you will get indigestion. This explains the profile image I have:

Keep your cool, dont forget to ruminate
Keep your cool, do not forget to ruminate

“The ruminating bovine”. For those un-initiated to rumination, a cow has to eat grass before a predator can get to it. It cannot wait to chew its food while grazing. So, it grabs everything it can by those lovely large lips, and stores it in one of the stomachs (It has four of those). But, it does not try to digest it all at once without chewing. It gets it back into its mouth and chews it at leisure.

Well – दुनिया के सारे मुद्दे भी घास के तरह है (duniyaa ke mudde bhi ghaas ki tarah hai) – issues in the world are like grass. You do not have the time to digest it all. Keep your eyes open, learn about them. And do not try to digest them all at once. Ruminate on these before you go for your next “grazing session”…

A related issue is the overwhelming feel that “young blood” is needed everywhere. Of course, youth are needed. But we, the youngistan, should not forget that there are others in Hindustan. If experience is ignored completely, it can lead to very bad results.



  1. Hey SP, I am reading your blog after a long time. Its nice to catch up with your articles. I just wanted to send you a quick note about a golden statement that you made for young people. That is : ” Do not try to digest them all at once. Ruminate on these before you go for your next grazing session.” The indigestion part made me laugh, but its true. I myself have been taking time at each stage to digest things before proceeding further with the next stage. Good to see a picture of you with your daughter in the midst of nature….Natural surroundings are very soothing for children.

    Comment by Kranti — April 22, 2009 @ 00:47

    • Hey Kranti – good to know that you are back !!! The message is meant for everyone, not just us young ppl.

      Comment by neosurya — April 22, 2009 @ 06:49

      • Thats true.I agree.

        Comment by Kranti — April 22, 2009 @ 19:11

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