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April 14, 2009

Lawn funda: NASA says lawns are more than farmland

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Homes in USA almost always have laws in front of the house. In some areas, it is a legal requirement, and residents also often debate wether the Govt. should mandate such lawns.

Apparently, according to NASA, “more surface area is devoted to lawns than to any other single irrigated crop in the country. For example, lawns appear to cover more than three times the number of acres that irrigated corn covers.”

A quote from the scientist who worked on this project:

“This country has large variability in climate, and people are very mobile. But although we move a lot, we tend to recreate the same landscape wherever we go. Most of the grasses used in U.S. lawns aren’t native to the area they are grown; many of the species come from the East, Kentucky bluegrass, for example. A lawn isn’t a big deal in the northeast, but when you recreate that same landscape out West, it becomes a major ecological issue because the only way to grow those grasses is with high use of water and nitrogen fertilizer. An individual, quarter-acre lawn isn’t a big ecological influence, but adding up all those quarter-acres for everyone in the country . . . We suspected that the ecological impact could be pretty big.”



  1. Hi Surya, Can you give me the citation for this paper of the scientist from NASA? Sounds like a cool project up my alley!

    Comment by Madhura — April 18, 2009 @ 08:29

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