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March 20, 2009

Ration card zhaalaa, getting a ration card in bangalore

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I got my ration card today. It is India’s version of social security. Subsidized gas, food, and a host of other services.

One needs the following documents:

  • “Deletion certificate” showing that your name has been canceled from your father’s ration card.
  • If you do not have a deletion certificate, they may want you to sign an affidavit saying that you do not have ration card elsewhere. They will also need an NOC from your native place.
  • Marriage certificate, if married.
  • Birth certificate, if you have any minors who need to be added to the list.
  • Proof of citizenship: Birth certificate/passport/voters ID card.
  • Copy of address proof: Phone bill, bank statement (Only nationalized banks),
  • Two passport sized photos.

Take all documents to the card office. For Bangalore, the office is located at coordinates: 12°57’25″N 77°34’3″E. It should not be a problem finding parking in one of the bylanes there.

Applying at the center (I had gone there on 10th Feb 2009):
Ask any one where you need to apply for ration card. There is a lady sitting in front of the “computer rooms”. Pay Rs 10 as application fee. She will stick your photo in a registry, write an application number next to your name, and put that app # on a blank application, stick your photo on the application and return it to you.

You now fill out the application and take it to one of the officers. He will check the documents, and sign them.

Next, you return it to the lady, who will check the signatures, and will put a receipt number at the acknowledgement that is located in the bottom of the application. The acknowledgement receipt is returned to you with a date within which an inspection would be done. You should be present at home for the inspection. Some folks have said that if a visit is not needed, you would get the card on the spot. My application needed an inspection, so one month wait. She gave me a date of 10th March.

Visit by inspector:
A food inspector visited our house in about 3 weeks. The guy verified that we did indeed exist, but was concerned about our gas connection. We are using a gas connection from a friend, and the inspectors claim was that we could not get another one at the same address. Well, we said – if that is the law then it is fine (AFAIK, that is not the rule – the connection has to be in my name for him to refuse); we would go without a gas connection and get the ration card alone. The dude said: “I will give favourable report only. There will be another officer who would come, and if you Request maddi to him, you will get gas also.” I asked him if I could give the request in writing, and for good measure also asked the format in which the request should be written 🙂 (In all likelihood, his request meant ghoos). The other officer never showed up.

Collecting ration card at center on 24th March:
You have to take all your family members with you. Minors under 1 year are exempted.
I did see one person have his picture taken for a new ration card. His wifes name was also added on his card; she had not come.

You show your acknowledgement receipt, collect your application form.

Go to the computer desk. Wait for your name to be called. They will photograph you, take a fingerprint, you pay Rs 45, your card is printed and laminated. You return home and enjoy your “social security”…

Both visits to the card office took me about 45 minutes. If you are not anal with these people, they will be quite friendly and help you with filling your forms. The fees are legit. There is also a tatkal scheme, where you can get it the same day; costs about Rs 100.

There are several Govt. run FAQ’s which can be great resources:
[1], [2], [3], [4] .



  1. Indeed.. let me also give this a try.. a very useful and helpful resource for pepl who want to apply for a ration card… esp. in Bangalore…

    Comment by Balu — March 27, 2009 @ 02:24

  2. This can really be useful to many ppl. You should circulate it widely.

    Comment by Sejal Parikh — April 9, 2009 @ 20:17

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