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November 30, 2008

From the callous IT capital to the in-secure financial capital.

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I happened to visit KR Market (Bangalore) yesterday. And was it a beautiful experience. A few images are attached for review.

Muck and dirt was about 1.5 to 2 inches thick on the ground and it was impossible to walk from one side of the bus-stop to the other. We saw a small family with a husband-wife, and a baby struggle to negotiate the dirt, and the oncoming buses to reach the footpath, and catch their bus.

My family often prefers to take public transport. It is not that we cannot afford an auto or a car. My whole family just feels that it is more prudent to take advantage of public transport when available. So, there we were – mother, father, and myself negotiating through what is a major metro transport hub of our “IT capital”. Not once did we feel out-of-place in that location (Dirt, muck, heat, rain, and population is a part and parcel of our country), but all three of us agreed that it did not have to be so bad. This bus-stand has been by far the worst my family has seen; it is not so bad even in our village.

BTW, my post about muck in KR Market may seem to be quite disconnected with the goings-on in Bombay… Quite the contrary, I see that the same cause is responsible for something as simple as a “dirty bus station” and something as esoteric and complex as “national security”. There is no dearth of blogs pointing out the reasons for various “ills”. These observations [1, 2, 3] make for interesting reading regarding the latest security fallacies in our nation.

We have loosened our Govt. on several small issues, and now it is effecting more significant areas of public space. Callous attitiude by everyone has always killed people or at the very least, made an average Indian citizen lead a pathetic existence. This cancer has now become so significant that the threat to our living is very direct and obvious.


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