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November 28, 2008

My Bombay Bleeds

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The city I grew up in.
The city I walked my way to school, college, and to life…
The city I love.

The early settlers who built it out of the sea prospered from its bounties as a natural port. The later businessmen benefited from its location as a central hub, and established rich industries. Ordinary folk recieved in Bombay a sea of opportunity that gave them prosperous lives. Authors, artists, and musicians got in Bombay a base to reach out to millions accross the country.

Bombay graciously served as the host of several pre-independence struggles. Tilak died in her arms (He gave her the “Ganesh Chaturthi, and the Pandals”). Bombay also hosted the self-serving divisive politics of many an individual who callously benefited from her largesse. Bombay burnt in 1992-93 for a Masjid-Mandir political struggle. Bombay provided herself as a “show-piece” target for terrorists; she served as the venerable host for several of their senseless acts. On 26th Nov 2008, the world saw how vengeful some of her guests were.

This city has helped several people, and in helping several find their destiny, it has begun to bleed. Who will now help my beloved city?

Bombay has always welcomed everyone. But, who would welcome Bombay, with all of her responsibilities?

Will Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, or any one else take her place? Will they please stand up next in line to recieve the numerous accolades, and the associated risks?

Or will there be a day when the risks will die a permanent death, and only accolades remain? I wish that this would be the case.

Till that day, my love – continue to bleed. And we will bleed with you.


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