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October 9, 2008

Industrialization, and the role of Asia….

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Was reading up on cars, looking for reviews of the Tata Indigo Marina, and ended up reading quite a bit about the nano. The following article had an interesting take on how Asian industrial revolution must take place:

Excerpts of some comments on the article are below:

“Kristina: It is a question of whether Asia is lured by the West’s highly charged, fully saturating consumer culture or is able to redefine economic drivers in terms of Asia’s own traditions. India’s heritage is so rich: The real innovation would be if that culture could inspire a new economy that is unburdened by all the mistakes and excesses of the West’s industrial age. To a degree, it’s already happening with the sharing and/or renting of computer and phone time within small Indian communities. ”

“Shbhatia: If Asia was left alone in the 1600s, it would probably still be society of peace loving, meditating, spiritual folks searching for the meaning of life, with nature keeping the population under check, in harmony with the environment. The problem is, anything that is sensitive to others, is deemed as weak by the West, and one thing that West does not know is to leave something alone. East is evolving much in response to the West and hence the correlation between the socio-economic models and the innovation patterns.”

PS: I have reproduced an article here, and do not know the copyright issues involved; If a reader knows that it violates a copyright, pleae let me know.


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