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September 21, 2008

Hero Thunder MTB.

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I finally bought a two-wheeler, and I am liking it. The bicylce is a Hero Thunder MTB, all aluminum, light weight, Shimano Tourney 3X7 = 21 gears, Full Aluminium mudguards. It is very nice. I had to fit in a carriage to carry my laptop. The bike itself was around 6.4K and with VAT, a dynamo light, bell, carriage, and lock it came to around 7K. I purchased it from the Madiwala RR Cyles.

The Aluminum carriage was significantly expensive, about 600 bucks, so I went for an iron carriage taken from a hero hercules. It is heavy, but I can live with it; The bike itself is very light weight. Bicycling in Bangalore involves negotiating an obstacle track with boulders, dividers, and short stairs in buildings. The weight makes it easy for me to pick the thing up. It also is very fast and responsive. The bad part is that it bounces a bit on bad roads, but that happens to every bike without shocks.

I had tried something with shocks earlier; they do stop some jerks, but are not all that useful. Also, picking up the bike, having a full-metal mudguard, and carriage is critical for me. Shocks do not give us that, though the new Hero Octane can apparently come with full aluminum mudguards. With rear shocks, the frame is slightly inconvenient to lift the bike for a long time. The Atlas Ryder is available with front shocks, but somehow the MTB felt lighter and better.

The gears are flawless and behave as expected. Their true nature may be evident after a few months of use.

The build quality of the bike could have been better. Reflectors on the pedals have plastic screws, and one of the reflector broke off within a day of riding. The front reflector also broke, but that was bound to give away some day. It is best to have reflector stickers all over the bike.

The dynamo is self contained, very functional, and does what it is supposed to do – Let the guy coming from the opposite direction know that there is a bicycle somewhere in front. I would prefer to have a dynamo that has a lot less friction, and is more silent, but maybe I shall have to build it myself. I do not know of a place in India that will sell high-quality ones. A few sites with details about dynamos:

I ride about four Kms to work each day – ST bed layout Kormangala to Forum. It takes about 15 minutes to bike. It is less than the time taken for my colleagues on cars, motorcycles.



  1. Hey,
    Congratz on your new bike…
    And a nicely written review.
    I am a regular cycle commuter in bangalore.
    Regarding the dynamo, Why not use a rechargeable light? I bought a Shimano light from a shopp infront of Town hall.

    Also, find some more people of your kind here :

    Happy riding…

    Comment by frNZi — October 7, 2008 @ 08:14

  2. Ah, ummm… Rechargeable lights have to be charged using the power outlet on wall units. I really wanted my legs to do all the work :)….

    Comment by Life Earth — November 28, 2008 @ 18:14

  3. Hi,

    I read your review. I wanted a feedback mainly on the brakes. How good or bad are they? How frequently do you have to tune them?

    I have an old Hercules MTB with cantilever brakes that hardly need maintenance – once a year seems okay.

    Mainly considering buying the MTB as my current cycles gears have gone bad.


    Comment by Anshuman Atre — February 18, 2009 @ 06:49

    • The brakes are OK, but they do need adjustments once every 4 months. I bike everyday, and on inclines that need significant braking.

      Comment by neosurya — March 29, 2009 @ 12:46

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