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September 1, 2008

Warangal – Laknavaram cheruvu

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The locales in Warangal are very beautiful and the bounty of nature inescapable. Today we visited Laknavala cheruvu or Laknavala Lake (wikimapia link), a beautiful land-locked water body with lazy, green islands strewn in between. The lake has suspension bridges to one of the islands, and several jetties on the bridge and along the lake end. There was a boat tied to one of the jetties, and it would have normally been made available to the general public. During our visit, the district collector was also scheduled to make a visit to the area, and the boat had been reserved for his use.

On our return drive we encountered buffaloes returning from grazing, huge numbers of them. It did not seem likely that our tiny vehicle could not negotiate the bovine traffic, and we waited around for solace. Along came an APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) bus, and we got right behind it. The buffaloes could ignore our puny little 1000cc alto, but there was no way the very capable representative of APSRTC could be ignored. Incidentally, the buses are labeled on the sides with the words “palle velugu”; which means “village light”. The buses here are divided into a few categories: palle velugu that stops at nearly every location on the road, Express that has a few stops between major cities, Deluxe, Super deluxe, and Garuda. Garuda are volvo buses that travel between major cities and do not take any passengers between the start and destination stops. I use the Garuda buses between Bangalore and Hyderabad.


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